Shonirvor Samaj (Self Reliant Society) is a humanitarian organization registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Institution (Registration & Control) Act, 1961 of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Our ultimate aim is to assist those who are the victim of natural disaster or Conflict. We are trying to beside the hopeless peoples whenever they need us. We are focusing on the development of the life of orphans and widows who are very neglected part of our society. Our ambition also includes the educational assistance to the poor and needy students. This humanitarian organization aims at meritorious students who are in bar of fund to keep continue their studies. Bangladeshi flood effected area is our target to recover the usual life of the people of that area. As a non-profit organization, all activities are sponsored and supported by concerned individuals and corporations.


Team work, unselfishness, volunteer activities and taking care are our prime promises. We are always keen and endeavor to their proper applications and to ensure the highest level of services. We are keeping concentration on developing various types of skills. Our social organization is working to train the helpless people in the aspects of humanitarian works including technical skills, networking, identifying problems, preparation of project papers and implementation of the project, fund raising and management. It is also in our goals and ambitions to develop networking at national and international levels.


To build a proficient and matured Humanitarian Organization by providing the proper assistance.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

All praises due to Allah the most merciful. Marcy and peace upon the greatest and last prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the storehouse of humanity. Men are for men. Allah has created the human being with a view to helping each other. Its the main fruitful life which has been dedicated to the need of humanity. We can see around us many people who are living here without any hope and property. Sometimes the nature kicks out everything from us. The life then becomes intolerable by immeasurable sufferings. On the other hand, nowadays people are losing their homestead and relatives by man made disaster. So a helping hand from all of us is deeply needed in this current world. Shonirvor Samaj (Self Reliant Society) was inaugurated in 2007 with a great motive to spread assistance to the needy people which may ultimately be helpful to make an independent society. This registered organization under existing law in Bangladesh has been operating such humanitarian programs among the needy people from the beginning.

We are working with the poor and landless people, with flood effected people, with poor meritorious students, with helpless orphans and widows. We are constructing Mosque, schools and Madrasha. We are working among the helpless peoples with responsibility.

Dear Brothers,

Our volunteer team is working unquestionably and regularly to implement our plans and purposes. Your kind help is specially needed so importantly to make continue and keep spreading our activities. So I believe by heart that you all will be with us to implement this great humanitarian interest. May Allah accept all of us for his determined way and works. Amin.


Abdul Halim

Director General

Self Reliant Society.


Bangladesh is one of the most penurious country of Asia. Most of the people of this developing country live under the poverty line. On the other side Cyclone, flood and the natural disasters are the very common problems for this land. Many schools and educational institutions are also effected by such climate. Students in rural area can’t continue their study due to several disasters which directly harmful to their future life. Many women in Bangladeshi rural area even in this age of globalization are being backed from their proper educational rights. So the people, especially women and children of rural area need deeply some educational supporting assistance which may spread their eye to see dream. We are implementing such programs with a view to removing these obstacles.

Education & Scholarship Program:

Under this head we implement the following programs

  1. Teachers Sponsorship
  2. Poor and meritorious students’ sponsorship
  3. Books distribution
  4. Educational Materials distribution.

Relief & Humanitarian program:

Bangladesh is a country where the flood, cyclone are very much known to everyone. People

of this county have to face such disasters every year in a routine bound time very roughly.

So, we are trying to go to them with a spread hand by taking in our plans the following programs.

  1. Food Packed Distribution.
  2. Cash Aid Project.
  3. Orphans sponsorship
  4. Emergency Help
  5. Development of street child.


Seasonal Program

To meet the occasional needs of needy Bangladeshi people, we implement Iftar and

Adahi/Qurbanee projects in rural areas of the country. In this regard, we implement following steps.

  1. Iftar Project
  2. Qurbani (Adhahi) project
  3. School bag and uniform distribution project
  4. Eid cloths distribution project.
  5. Winter Cloths Distribution project

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Contact Info

  • Shonirvor Samaj (Self Reliant Society)
  • Reg no: Cox’s: 381/10
  • Sister Lodge (2nd Floor), Brick Field Road, North Romaliar Chara, Cox’s Bazar-4700, Bangladesh.
  • +880 1878 03 03 03
  • admin@srsociety.org
  • www.srsociety.org